Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Good Bye Brent

Outside the Salt Lake Temple

Dropping off Brent.
Outside the MTC.

Yesterday, Brent flew into Salt Lake in anticipation of entering the MTC today. So I picked him up at the airport, went through a session at the Salt Lake Temple, visited with Kerri, Kendall and the boys, visited Grandma and Grandpa, had dinner and went to see Tron. I let him sleep in a little today since he wont be able to do that for the next 2 years.
Today, we listened to as much music as possible, had lunch at KFC (I have no idea why he chose KFC, gross!) and then I dropped him off. No big deal, I'll see him in two years.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Rock Cliff race report

I'll just write a quick few thoughts.

Jordanelle is a sweet place for a triathlon. I'm glad it was a little later too, mainly because I hadn't slept much the last couple days and it allowed for it to be a bit warmer for the swim.

The water was not as cold as people said it would be so that was nice although people can't swim straight! While that is no mind blowing discovery, when there aren't 2700 people in the water, there is sometimes room enough that you don't need to get swam over by the same stupid people and yet you do :) Plus I got hit in the face with a log. So that was the swim.

I had to get off my bike twice to fix things and it wouldn't shift right the whole way. Also a traffic control guy step right in front of me and sent me into the loose gravel. Kinda scary but I didn't crash. I averaged just over 18 regardless. That was the bike.

I stopped and talked to my dad for ten minutes about 1/4 mile into the run. That was the run. It was kinda warm by then.

So the outcome wasn't great, I think I finished 5th in my age group or something. Glad it was only an olympic distance because I just wasn't feeling it. I liken my experience to a Cat 5/pubic bike race. Moral of the story, pay the extra $500 bucks and get a wet suit stripper ;)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ironman St George

Now when Ironman St George was announced in 2009, my dad's eyes lit up. He had been contemplating Ironman ever since I had signed up for Ironman Arizona in late 2008. St George has special significance for the both of us because that is where our racing career began. Together we ran the St George marathon in 1998 and many subsequent years since. To this day, it is one of my most treasured memories. Without my consent, he signed me and him up for IMStG. I was committed.

St George marathon 1998.

My dad has one big problem. He has an extreme fear of swimming. So for the past year he has dedicated a lot of his time learning how to swim. He has read books, done drills, attended total immersion swim classes, done open water swim practices, some smaller triathlons, etc and yet still just has this extreme fear of the water. He got to the point where he could swim the distance but was slow and was not able to sight so he does not swim very straight. Now triathlon is an individual event but that doesn't mean that someone else can't help. That's where my race begins.

I painted my shoulder and a stripe down the side of my wetsuit so that he could see me and I swam on his right side. This way he did not have to sight, I did. So one problem solved. Now the time cut off, a huge unknown!

Since my dad spent so much time working with the swim, he spent less on the bike and run training. So again, making the bike cut off, a huge question mark, especially given the difficulty of the course and the wide speculation of weather conditions.

I was not worried about his run. He has ran 20+ marathons, boston qualifier. He knows the distance, he can get it done. I just had to make sure he got to this point!

Swim 2.4 miles 2:16:18

Before Swim

It was a beautiful calm morning out in Sand Hollow. Couldn't have asked for a better day really for Ironman. There were tons of spectators and support. The water was a brisk 59 degrees. The gun went off. My dad and I waited until some of the faster swimmers went and then we started swimming. He got about 200 yards and then panicked. He pulled up his head and said "oh no, there's no way!" When he said this, I thought "Crap, what do I do?" I told him to take a deep breath, he did and just started swimming. I was relieved. By the time we got to the first turn-around buoy we were toward the very end of the swimmers. When we got to the second turn-around buoy there were still some swimmers behind us. At this point I asked a kayak guy how we were doing on time. He assured my that we were doing alright. By the time we got to the final turn-around buoy, there maybe a few swimmers behind us. We had about 20 minutes to get to the top of the boat ramp. It was going to be close. I poked my dad and told him to give it everything. We got to the ramp and my mom was there cheering. Guess what? 2:16:18 <2:20!!!!!!!!!!>

Out of swim, my dad is awesome!

T1 9:01

Happy to be out of the water, we grabbed out bags and headed to the change tent. SInce we were the last ones out, we had it all to ourselves not to mention like 2-3 volunteers each helping us with our stuff. We got our bikes and then onto the course!

Bike 112 miles 7:43:38

Mounting for the bike course

Just happy that we made it to this point, we got on our bikes and I had him go out first. (Since we had to be several bike lengths away to avoid drafting) I knew that it was going to be a very long ride and we again were up against the clock. Going out to the main road, I past him and tried to set a little stronger pace. He told me as I was passing to go ahead and go because he was 'probably not going to make the cut off and he didn't want to ruin my race' Really, dad? You said that in the swim too. Guess what, if I have anything to do with it your gonna finish. So we made it, to the start of the first loop. About 1 minute after we had pros passing us already on their second loop. And then more and more people. Wow we still had another loop and we hadn't even done the first! haha Anyway we plugged away at the hills and descended down Veyo reaching speeds of 40+ Even with going that fast our average was 14 something an hour (We had to average 14 mph to make cut off) It shows you how tough that front side of the loop was. Now we were on to the second and the winds were a lot stronger. I was mildly panicked. We did not have a lot of time to spare, we were right at cut off pace from my calculations and I'd push and then my dad would fade and then when I let off he would just come on strong. He was so courageous and literally gave everything he had. Going up 'the wall', while almost all were walking their bikes, he pushed through all the way to the top. We got up Veyo and drilled the down hill again. Turning off to the last couple of miles, we saw mom and Bri. They said that we would make the cut off. I was soooooooooooooooo relieved! I can't even tell you. I knew, at least I was pretty confident that we would now finish! Then we cruised on into bike dismount with 15 and change to spare.

T2 7:25

This was a pretty chill transition. We came in, got our bags and I put my stuff on and helped my dad get all his stuff together. We were off to the run!!!! YEsssssss!

Run 26.2 5:30:50

Running.. I think on our way back to the second loop

I was excited to be here, now my dad might say otherwise. He had given everything and more on the swim and bike. His tank was pretty dang empty, at least that's the impression I got. When we walked the first half mile, I started to worry..a little. But I got him to start an easy jog. This lasted maybe one hundred yards and then we walked again. Eventually he found what was left of his legs and we were able to pick spots to run to and then walk. Then we would walk a lot of the up hill and jog the down hill. During a section of downhill, I ran into an old friend Scott. He helped us maintain a pace for a little bit as we chatted. Eventually we developed a 3:1 cone method. We ran to 3 cones and then walked a cone. This helped us maintain a 12:30ish pace, I think. My dad, being the positive person that he is said, 'We're probably the only ones on our first lap of two' MMMM no dad that's not true, AT ALL! So we get to special needs and down a red bull and turn to the second loop. We maintained the best we could. At about mile 16 ish we got a glow stick (from Brian, he got put on glow stick duty hehe). We plugged away slowly and was so happy when we got to the last turn around. A friend of mine, Kylie was in the band that was play there and to I got to wave and she called out my name through the speakers.. That's right, I know people haha. Just after this point my dad had said that it was the hardest thing that he has ever done. The course was tough but we plugged through it. It was either all up or all downhill, no flat areas. We got down to the round about and headed for victory!

Kevin and dad, you are Ironmen! I was pretty emotional coming across the finish line. It was one of those things that you wouldn't trade for a million dollars. And it is ours forever!

Total time 15:47:12 (my dad beat me by one second...I guess it's payback for when I beat him by one second in our first marathon!)

Finish stretch!

Aftermath and comments

The race was superb, well organized and beautiful! It will be as my first marathon, a treasured moment that I will never forget! The volunteers and community were outstanding and welcoming. I love St George for this! Thank you volunteers, thank you St George! The course was exacting and just. I would do it again. I would recommend it to anyone that loves a challenge and is willing to really work to get there. I would not recommend the course to first timers who just want to do an Ironman. They are all hard, so why not pick a less demanding course?

For more pictures, click here.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Day of Lawf

So I went down with Kate to the place I love the most, to be with the people I love the most. Add fresh squeezed lemonade, home made chocolate covered pretzels, nachos, cheddar popcorn, skiing, snowmobiling, games, fireworks and fun-filled pictures, what a great way to spend a weekend!

Kyle showing his mad skills.

Brad's turn! Let the record stand that I taught them everything they know!

Well Kyle and Brad nailed the flip so now its Brent's turn! hehe
Popcorn is good, skiing is good. Why not put them together?


Plastic Boxing champion right there!

Happy birthday Brent!

So they say you look at the cards to collect and it says something about your personality. [This explains soo much]

Come on Brent!

BOOM! Right hook to Kyle's face..

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ironman Arizona 2009 Race Report #193


So I flew into Phoenix Thursday night.  Brian and Bobbie picked me up and I stayed with them for the night.  Friday, I met up with my family to pick up my bike as they continued on for the tour of tucson.  I then headed to check in and get my race number.  I couldn't believe the race had finally come!  I have anticipated this day for awhile.  I thought I would be more nervous but I actually was very calm, maybe a little too calm as I saw all the other athletes practice swimming and doing their weird training rituals as I just stood there taking in all the scenery :)  Saturday, I checked in my bike, helped brian around the house and then met up with my family for dinner at Chili's.  It was perfect.  Sunday morning came, I put on my tri gear and headed off to make last minute preparations to my bike.  

Swim 2.4   1 hour 20 minutes 56 seconds (Goal 1 hour 35 minutes-ish)

I was pretty nervous about the swim, after all I didn't do much swimming in my training and I have heard terrible stories about the swim.  I waited till the last minute I could to jump in the water.  The announcer said that if we didn't get in right then, he'd come push us in himself.  So I jumped in.  It was a brisk 60 something degrees.  I swam about 150 yards to the nearest kayak and waited for the  gun to go off.  It went off at 7:00 and so did all the swimmers.  I waited till most had swam off so that I would get too caught up in the 'washing machine chaos."  It didn't matter though.  I got hit really good one time to the face, swam over several times and so on.  Overall it wasn't as bad as I thought though.  The caution spots are the start, the turn around, and about 1/4 mile from the finish.  Also make sure you double check your wetsuit, my neck strap wasn't on right and I now have a burn mark on my neck from the velcro rubbing..  Oh well, live and learn.  

T1 Swim to bike  7 minutes 35 seconds

So I reached the steps and some wonderful volunteers helped me out of the water.  I crossed the mat and got my wetsuit stripped.  I was in no hurry to get to the changing tent.  I walked all the way there, took my time getting my stuff on and then jumped onto my bike.  It was a pretty uneventful transition though I did think "wow, the swim is done and I only have two more legs of the race.  This is soo cool!"

Bike 112    5 hours 58 minutes 44 seconds (Goal 6 hours)

The first lap was pretty crazy coming out of transition.  The road was narrow and it was hard to avoid "drafting."  During orientation they made such a big deal about penalties and I did not want one, so I was always super concerned :)  Going out had a bit of a head wind, my chain fell off and that was note worthy.  I knew I had to do this loop 3 times and I was mentally prepared for it.  The second half of the loop was much quicker.  Soon enough, I was reaching town to start my second loop.  On the way in, I saw my family cheering.  I kind of got choked up, but that was really the only time that that much emotion hit me all at once.  So the second loop was about the same as the first except the Pro's lapped me about half way through.  They were hauling!!!  So it was pretty cool to witness and be apart of, even if they did dominate me haha.  By the third loop, I was kind of tired and my butt hurt but I was just enjoying the moment...thinking wow, this came quick.  I only have one more loop of the bike and then the run.  This is soo awesome.  I was out of my aeros for a little less than half of this loop.  I munched on a cliff bar, continued eating gu chomps and was estatic for the gatorade at the aid stations.  It was cold and good!  I didn't use my special needs bag, which is fine considering I didn't put much in it.  So anyway the third loop ended and I came into transition.. I was thinking to myself ok did I really do 3 loops?  My computer says 112, ok yes I did, I don't have to do another loop :).. Dismounted and entered t2.  I have always heard of 'bike wabbles' I believe in them now haha.  My legs felt like hula hoops as I went to get my run bag.

T2 Bike to Run    4 minutes 49 seconds

I grabbed my run bag, and went to the transition tent and put on my shoes.  Brian was there as a volunteer so I talked to him for a second and then went to the rest room.  It hurt soo bad.  I couldn't believe it.  Ouch.  It hurt so bad actually that I had to go a little bit on the run but opted to wait just because I was so afraid to go again.  Yikes!  And then I was off to the run.

Run 26.2   4 hours 16 minutes 53 seconds  ( Goal 4-4 1/2 hours)

It took me 8 miles to really find my legs but after that, I found a rhythm and stuck with it.  I stopped at every aid station, took my time drinking water and coke.  The sponges were awesome.  I'd squeeze one over my head as I entered and as I left.  Seeing my family cheer on the run was also very helpful.  Since it was a 3 loop course during the first loop you would see signs for miles 13 and 20 ... you would think that it was discouraging but I was like "oh sweet I'll hit that on my next loop and the next on the last." Even though I was really pretty tired, my mental game was really up to par.  I was enjoying each section of the course and of the run.  I was kind of sad when I started my last loop.  All the anticipation, work, worry, money ambition...and I have 8 miles left of it :)  I was handed a glow stick on my third lap as the sun was about to go down.  With about six miles to go, I heard someone say "hey lets pick it up if we are going to get 12 hours."  That was my goal.  I thought "wow I might be able to make it.  I wonder if I have enough energy"  So I picked it up and stayed with the guy until the  nearest aid station, then I felt some energy and I took off.  I skipped the next couple aid stations and then really kicked it in the last mile.  I turned the corner to see the finish line, my family was on the left.  I almost missed them because I was running pretty quickly.  And then I crossed.  I am an IRONMAN!

140.6       Total time  11 hours 48 minutes 54 seconds (Goal 12 hours.. skidoosh!)  

Overall place 790 Division place 51


I got my shirt and medal.  Brian was at the finish line to catch me.  I went and got a coke and then met up with my family.  Surprisingly, I felt pretty good.  I was a catcher last year and I was expecting to not be able to walk and then end up in a medic tent or something.  But that didn't happen.  I actually felt better then than after any of the marathons that I have done. Wierd but I'm not complaining :)

Final thoughts

I just want to give a big hand to IMAZ and the volunteers.  It was an A+ race.  They had every detail covered and it ran seamlessly.  Loved every minute. honestly..well almost honestly, the 3rd loop of the bike could have had some minutes taken off and I wouldn't have minded one bit :)  My only disappointment was that last year when I volunteered, everyone got to break through the tape at the finish so I really looked forward to it but this year they didn't have the tape holders :(  Oh well its not the end of the world. 

I couldn't get the pictures to work so here is a link to PICTURES

Monday, August 31, 2009

Bear Lake Classic Race Report 70.3


Well I drove up Thursday from California to Provo.  I visited with some friends and then went up to Logan Friday afternoon.  I picked up my race packet and was body marked there.  I found out that I could not set up my transition until the next day really early. So I went to a park and got all my gear sorted, went and got some food for the morning and then hung out at Wendy's, since they had free wi-fi. Transitions opened at 5 am, so I got up at 3:50 am and drove out to Bear Lake.  I almost hit like three deer through the canyon and I was not even going fast.  When I got there, the gate was closed so I parked outside and walked through.  I found out that you had to set up in a specific row according to number so it really didn't matter if I got there earlier or later.  I could have slept for another hour practically! :)  But I set up, got my timing chip and waited for the sun to rise.  Sunrise was the start time.

I was pretty anxious.  I've been training for an Ironman and I'm very new to the sport.  All the athletes looked like they were super into triathlons and I still don't think I quite look like a triathlete but I'm getting there.  There were lots of sweet bikes with nice wheels, aero helmets, etc.. But all things considered, I was excited to race and I wanted to know where I was at in my training.

You can see my feet with my wetsuit half on and my setup.. Taken right before the race

Swim 1.2 Miles 39:42  

I am not a strong swimmer, so I was a little nervous about the swim.  It was a mass beach start.  The first part was hard because the water was too shallow to swim but too deep to really walk.  The water was nice though!  It took me a little bit to find my rhythm but after that the swim went without too much trouble minus a few gulps of lake water and some guy that couldn't spot and kept swimming into me.  

T1  2:24

Well I was happy to be done with the swim.  It was not as bad as I anticipated.  You had to run across the sand to get to T1 so my feet were way sandy.  I had to spend some time wiping it all off before I could get my bike shoes on.  Other than that, a slight delay getting a glove on and I was off.

Bike 56 miles  2:32:30

The bike course went around the lake with a short intermediate loop in between.  Even though I have been biking, the bike never really felt that good.  About 3 miles out a guy past me, which was actually helpful because it I was able to use him as kind of a marker.  Before the race, I wasn't to excited about having to do an intermediate loop but as it turned out, it was my favorite part of the race.  Since the race was relatively small, the racers were spread out.  In this section however, all the racers came together.  I saw the leaders and I saw people behind me.. there was just more action, it was fun.  

T2 1:36

I was happy to be off the bike.  Minor confusion about which way to go out of T2.

Run 13.1 miles  1:45:53

The run was a run.  It was a flat loop on a dirt road. I got sent the wrong way for a second but I triple checked and finally got sent the right way. I wish they had mile markers at the aid stations just for the simple reason that I wasn't sure when I should start pushing a little harder.At the second aid station, the volunteer asked me, "Do you think this is about mile 2 or 4?" I was like, "uh 2? Secretly hoping that it was at least mile 4!"  Oh well.  I had a bathroom break in there somewhere around mile 3 or 4 which was nice, the sport drink they were handing out was gross, so once I started taking water I felt better.

Finish 70.3    5:02:03

I was content with my time.  I really had no idea what time I was going to get.  I knew that I wanted to break 6 hours so I did that and I wasn't too far off from breaking 5.  I really liked the race.  I had a good time.  I finished 1st in my division (25-29) and 15th overall.  I have never finished a race 1st before so that feels good even if it was a small race :)  and no girls beat me which is also a first.
Then I went home.  The end.  I don't have pictures so maybe there will be some on the race site in a week or so?  I took a couple on my phone..I'll see if I can somehow get those on here.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I update my blog just about as good as Gargamel catches smurfs.

For those of you not fortunate enough to follow The Smurfs [One of the most awesome cartoons ever made] as a kid, this is Gargamel.  He hates Smurfs and has pretty much dedicated his existence to catching them.  And given my title you can probably deduce that he is not very good at it.  Poor guy.  Lately I've felt that way about a lot of things.  Meh, it happens :)


So my brother Brian got married a couple weeks ago.  I had class here in Redlands until about 8:45 pm on Thursday and I had to be at the Timpanogas temple by 10 am I think so I had the wonderful opportunity to drive through the night to make it to his wedding in time.  I did make it without accident or incident so that is fortunate.  Brian is probably still off in the clouds, I don't think I've ever seen him so happy.  The luncheon was good and the reception was nice, a little slow but what can you do.  Brent, Kyle, Brad and I made the best of it and actually had a pretty fun time out on some golf course.  Hmm it doesn't look like this computer has their pictures on it.  Shoot.  I'll have to get those later, which probably means I won't.  Just being honest :)  Oh wait, I think I just got some..alllllriiiight #;oP

Anyway the next day, too early for my liking after not sleeping fore sure, my dadand some of my brothers and I headed up Mt Timpanogus.  It was a pretty good trip.  Colder than I had expected and I did really bring anything to prepare for it either.  We actually ran most of the way back down, thanks to my dad.  He has more adventure in him than he lets out.  DO not be fooled.  He is as crazy as any of us in this family.  Kyle, Brad and I invented extreme trail running on the way down as well, which involved spinning off rocks, tree trunks, jumping gaps and who knows what else.  It made the way down very entertaining to say the least. :)

Anyway so the next week was pretty hectic with getting the house ready and everything else for the open house.  We had  a lot of people over starting Thursday.  I had to get out so I went to LindyGroove, a swing dance venue in Pasadena.  Here is an old picture of me dancing there that I found on the internet.  I am dancing with a girl named Kristi.  She is probably one of my most  favorite people to dance with, Period.  Oh yeah and somewhere in the mix of all this I attended a couple dances at Camp Hollywood. It was pretty fun too.  I met up with some good friends from Sactown and made a few more.  Oh yeah and on that note, one of the dances was  a masquerade ball where you had to wear a mask of some sort.  I didn't have a mask so I wore some glasses.. I thought it was cool, my friends made fun of me and were like, yeah we'll never know who you are with those on.. Well I just want you to know that the next dance I went to I was dancing with this girl [she was really good and from England] and quote "Hey, didn't we dance at CH" and I said yes, "Oh I didn't recognize you without the glasses."  SO there, they did work!

And then some pics of the open house:

Everybody ranted and raved over Kendall's fruit'kabobs.. Nice work Kendall.  

And then family pictures:

This week was a good week for me cycling.  I finished the Thursday night crit and the Saturday Raincross ride.  Both huge accomplishments for me as they are rather intense rides.  I even have a team Redlands Jersey now.  Here's a picture of me and Kyle after the 65 mile Raincross ride:

So yeah that's a quick update with a few things left out.  I finish my first class next week.  I have lots of papers and a presentation to prepare and some math tests that I have to study for again so that is what I will be doing next week along with the Bear Lake 1/2 Triathlon.  I'll be going up by myself so if anyone in Utah/Idaho want to come out and cheer me on, you are all more than welcome to! haha  :)